Falls Deli – Good Old Sandwiches and Freshly Baked Pizzas


Who doesn’t appreciate the sheer joy of biting into a good old Sicilian sandwich? The Falls Deli offers a nice selection of quick, deli sandwiches that are easy on the pocket, while still satisfying your cravings all the same. Housed just off the casino floor inside Fallsview Casino Resort (next to Grand Buffet), the eatery offers a wide selection of pizzas, sandwiches, soups, desserts and more.


In addition to serving fast and tasty treats, the eatery also allows you to make your own combos by adding a choice of sides (throw in a clam chowder, fries or salad). There are the usual deli staples like burgers, salads, mushrooms, and cheddar. If you’re feeling particularly ravenous, try the Sicilian sandwich with four different types of deli meat generously heaped on the Cubano. How about their Gourmet Prime Rib Burger all smothered with cheddar, caramelised onions, and mushrooms? Try their assortment of fresh pizzas, spiced to perfection with fries or a helping of grilled vegetables.

If that hasn’t gotten you swooning over their menu already, there’s an entire list of gigantic desserts that feature fresh off the oven cookies, artisan pastries and decadent cheese-cake. With so much on offer, you’d be forgiven for mistaking you’re in New York.


True to the signature look and feel of a deli, The Falls Deli is unpretentious and relaxed. It’s perfect for a ravenous post games binge session (since the portions are so colossal) or even if you’re throwing a celebratory treat after a particularly good time at the slots (the prices are easy on the pocket). It’s nice and comfortable but not lavish.

Summing It Up

The Falls Deli offers a nice assortment of generously portioned, quick bites such as pizzas, sandwiches, burgers, desserts and more at reasonable prices in a no-fuss atmosphere.

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