Profile – Ichiban Sushi Express Casino Restaurant


In Japanese, Ichiban literally translates into “number one”, and since the last three decades, the restaurant has been instrumental in bringing authentic and tasty Japanese cuisines to the tables of Ontario. The eatery chain has more than 28 outlets and offers a dining experience that is a mix of unusual, contemporary flavours, and a warm ambiance. Located in Fallsview Casino’s Cafe Court, the no-fuss eatery is an option for those who are looking for quick, on the go meals.


Ichiban Sushi Express claim to create their sushis using high quality and fresh ingredients. They also pride themselves in offering top-notch customer service, along with great tasting (and nutritious) food. Opt for their meal combos if you are feeling particularly ravenous. The sushis and meal combos are reasonably priced while being sufficiently filling. They have a rather limited menu since it’s a specialty cuisine outlet. Opt for the beef bowl or one of their popular sushi combos/platters.


Ichiban Sushi Express is located inside Fallview Casino’s Cafe Court, which means the ambiance is pretty low frills and on the go. The place is relaxed and unpretentious for those looking to take a quick bite in between their play. For patrons looking for a more upscale, fine-dine experience, there are plenty of other restaurant options within Fallsview Casino.

The swish vibe of a casino resort is still conspicuous through FallsView. However, this particular outlet is more suited for casual, meal on the go type of crowd.

Summing It Up

To sum it up, Ichiban Sushi Express is a nice option to head to when you are looking for an authentic Japanese treat that is quickly dished out and doesn’t weight too heavily on your pocket in a no-frills ambiance. There are many other restaurants to pick from at FallsView, if you aren’t a fan of Asian food.

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